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Daniel Dockery

Daniel is the author of Wendington Jones and The Missing Tree. And while he is many other things, which you can delve into later if you like, he is first and foremost also a huge fan of adventure stories. Something he hopes that you share with him. 

Represented by the SP Agency, Wendington Jones and The Missing Tree is his first book. It is not, however, his last. 

Find him online here:

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The dreaded frequently asked questions. Questions so common, they're given their own little space. But these aren't just those questions that are most asked in the world. Questions such as what time is it, what's for tea or indeed is gardening a legitimate art form?

No. These are questions concerning Daniel and Wendington's adventures. And, in fact, only those ones. As an old detective nearly used to say, just the FAQs ma'am.

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Upcoming events

Daniel is currently working away in the word mines, extracting vowels from consonants and stirring a big vat of verbs. But as we approach the release of Wendington Jones and The Missing Tree you might just be able to find him out in the real world.


He'll be a guest on the Big Kids Book Club Podcast in the week leading up to The Missing Tree's launch. He'll also be at the Northern Publisher's Fair in Manchester,  29 April 2023.

Come back later for more potential sightings. Like a real world version of Where's Wally.

get in Touch

Do you have a burning question? Is there something more you'd like to know about Wendington and her world? What Perceval's favourite treat is or just why Rohan is no longer with his family.

Maybe your question is more about Daniel. Or how Wendington came to be entirely. Maybe it's how to get into writing, or just why the French in Wendington Jones & The Missing Tree is always italicised. Send any and all enquiries to us here, and we will do our very, very best to get back to you as soon as we can.

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