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Wendington Jones



Wendington Jones & The Missing Tree

Wendington Jones & The Missing Tree, comes out 6 April 2023, released by UCLan publishing and penned by award-winning writer Daniel Dockery.

Wendington Jones had always wanted to be an explorer. To follow in her mother's inspirational footsteps. She dreamt of it every night. Even the one in which her mother died, leaving Wendington without her idol and without her dreams.

But grief is a strange companion and out of the seemingly endless sadness came a light, delivered at midnight to her door. A simple wrapped package containing a forgotten manuscript, detailing the location of the fabled Tree of Life - an ancient curiosity promising to bring the dead back to life. Stranger still, the manuscript seemed to be a final gift from her mother. Her dream reignited, Wendington fled - to find the Tree, to bring back her mother and to see the world while doing it. If only someone had told her that others were also looking for the Tree. And they were willing to kill, to find it. 

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Reviews of Wendington Jones & The Missing Tree

Maz Evans, author of Who Let The Gods Out?

“A heartwarming and heartbreaking adventure. . . a thrilling read from UCLan publishing, for adventurers young and old."
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